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Hobby #1: Blogging

Beachin' It--that's a hobby, right?

Beachin’ It–that’s a hobby, right?

Hello. My name is Kourtnay. And I am not a hobbyist. Nor am I crafty. But I AM competitive, and I like a challenge, so it’s on!

Recently my husband, Paul, remarked that I need an at-home hobby. Paul has a million and one hobbies, and I’ve always sort of let him be the one who makes stuff and does interesting things. Plus, I don’t want to be responsible for bringing into the house random hobby-related items that will eventually live indefinitely in our attic.

To clarify—I do have hobbies: I like to read; I have a jogging partner, and we pretty much jog every week (sometimes once, sometimes three times—we’ve even run a 10k!); and I play tennis. I suspect Paul doesn’t consider reading an at-home hobby, perhaps because I don’t make time for it but instead do it when I have extra time. And of course jogging and tennis aren’t done at home, which is how this all came about.

Because besides jogging and tennis, I go places a lot. Mostly it’s away on girls weekends or down to Charleston to see my family. (While doing some hobby research to come up with things I plan on pursuing, I learned that travel planning is, in fact, an at-home hobby, so Ha! To be fair, I always thought it was just considered screwing around on the internet, but apparently this, too, is an at-home hobby, so yay, I can do that.)

I think Paul’s suggestion that I need an at  home hobby isn’t a comment on my needing something to exercise my brain grapes, but rather a way to get me to spend time at home with him because he lurves me and wants to spend time with me. Aww.

Fittingly enough, Blogging is an at-home hobby, so About This will also serve as my first post—my first new at-home hobby. Don’t tell Paul, but I’m secretly excited about becoming interesting. I’m excited about the adventure and about learning new things, and I hope you’ll enjoy sharing the adventure with me!

Some disclaimers:

  1. Again, I’m not crafty, so many of these hobbies will fail, and I’m ok with that.
  2. I’m also not a photographer (but one of my hobbies WILL be learning how to use my Nikon!), so you’ll have to bear with iPhone pics for the time being.

If you think of a hobby I should try, Contact Me 🙂