Hobby #1: Blogging

Beachin' It--that's a hobby, right?

Beachin’ It–that’s a hobby, right?

Hello. My name is Kourtnay. And I am not a hobbyist. Nor am I crafty. But I AM competitive, and I like a challenge, so it’s on!

Recently my husband, Paul, remarked that I need an at-home hobby. Paul has a million and one hobbies, and I’ve always sort of let him be the one who makes stuff and does interesting things. Plus, I don’t want to be responsible for bringing into the house random hobby-related items that will eventually live indefinitely in our attic.

To clarify—I do have hobbies: I like to read; I have a jogging partner, and we pretty much jog every week (sometimes once, sometimes three times—we’ve even run a 10k!); and I play tennis. I suspect Paul doesn’t consider reading an at-home hobby, perhaps because I don’t make time for it but instead do it when I have extra time. And of course jogging and tennis aren’t done at home, which is how this all came about.

Because besides jogging and tennis, I go places a lot. Mostly it’s away on girls weekends or down to Charleston to see my family. (While doing some hobby research to come up with things I plan on pursuing, I learned that travel planning is, in fact, an at-home hobby, so Ha! To be fair, I always thought it was just considered screwing around on the internet, but apparently this, too, is an at-home hobby, so yay, I can do that.)

I think Paul’s suggestion that I need an at  home hobby isn’t a comment on my needing something to exercise my brain grapes, but rather a way to get me to spend time at home with him because he lurves me and wants to spend time with me. Aww.

Fittingly enough, Blogging is an at-home hobby, so About This will also serve as my first post—my first new at-home hobby. Don’t tell Paul, but I’m secretly excited about becoming interesting. I’m excited about the adventure and about learning new things, and I hope you’ll enjoy sharing the adventure with me!

Some disclaimers:

  1. Again, I’m not crafty, so many of these hobbies will fail, and I’m ok with that.
  2. I’m also not a photographer (but one of my hobbies WILL be learning how to use my Nikon!), so you’ll have to bear with iPhone pics for the time being.

If you think of a hobby I should try, Contact Me 🙂

7 thoughts on “Hobby #1: Blogging

  1. Sara Hartley

    Kourtnay….I never considered you someone who didn’t have hobbies…because your always doing stuff. Like always. And I think you will be a great blogger…and I also KNOW that you are very talented at travel arrangements….because some of my best memories are from traveling with you! I also totally plan on stealing some of your recent travel plans! Give some time but I swear…I will. Xoxo

  2. Kurt Benghauser

    I think a great hobby would be to make all kinds of sweet treats…..Then send them to your favorite uncle who lives further north. Love Uncle Kurt

  3. Amanda

    Do you still have chickens and dogs. Having chickens along with their care must be a hobby. Would be so fun to have baby chicks! Actually taking care of and loving animals is my favorite hobby. It’s a big job! We have two dogs and a cat. And when we have more land I want to get chickens and ducks.

    1. kourtnayking Post author

      Hey Amanda! Yes, we do still have chickies, but our sweet Piddy dog died earlier this year. My next post will be about the hens–they were Paul’s hobby, but they turned into mine, and it’s been fun. I’d definitely recommend getting some if you’re up for all the poop 🙂

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